Victory Athletics

Our main focus for advanced vaulters is to make sure the student-athlete is working at a peak physical condition.  By applying an increased focus on health, speed and attention to detail, VAPV will make every effort to jump high to recruited to the best college possible.


For our intermediate vaulters we continue to emphasize the fundamentals that we have learned but we increase the pace and push further through our progressions.  An intermediate vaulter usually knows how to bend the pole but still require some basic training.



Victory Athletics maintains a straight forward philosophy.  Stress the fundamentals while constantly progressing forward.  By employing a physics based coaching style we give our athletes the best possible chance of improving.  We also have more fun than anybody else on the track!  We push our student-athletes to do their best but our priority is to enjoy what we are doing at all times because if we're not having fun, what's the point?!

First time vaulters , of all ages, will go through a series of drills to learn the 'building blocks' of the vault.  There are a few key elements to learning the vault and these all come from your first time vaulting.  Basic drills such as Grass hangs, sand pit drills,  figure four's and swing ups.  We make sure that everyone learns at their own pace and is safe!