Victory Athletics


Accountability- Each and every student-athlete has a personal responsibility in their own success.  We aim to hold all of our athletes accountable for their commitment and personal decisions.

Integrity- The act of maintaining a moral position and using fair play and sportsmanship.  We believe integrity is respecting all coaches, training partners, officials and parents.

Humility- We believe in celebrating each and every victory while maintaining a respect for ourselves and everyone around us.  Be thankful for the opportunity and those who have helped us.

Discipline- Doing what needs to be done in order to achieve our goals.  Academics are the priority for all student-athletes and we expect a commitment to focus in the classroom.  Each student-athlete will have choices to make and those choices will have an affect. 

Communication- As coaches we must be able to communicate with all student-athletes and parents openly and honestly.  We must all share a common goal and communicate often.

The Mission of Victory Athletics is to offer student-athletes a fun and competitive environment to learn how to compete at the highest level by applying a simple coaching strategy based on scientific principles while keeping the student-athletes as safe as possible.

Our Vision is to apply our  coaching strategies while adopting a character-first approach producing athletes who will safely improve as quickly as possible.

Mission Statement