Victory Athletics

I have jumped with Victory Athletics for over seven years now and I attribute it to many of my successes on and off the competitive field. Jumping with Victory athletics taught me to enjoy jumping and to respect it. Win and lose with grace and never take things too serious. The best improvements of my career as a vaulter came when I was working with VAPV over three times a week. I have grown as a vaulter and as a person via VA and have made life long friends. I owe a lot of who I am to this club and I am so thankful for the chance to jump with them and to continue to jump with them. The coaches are pretty cool too! 

                               -Jesse Phillips

Haley Stauber- UCLA 

Jesse Phillips- Trinity Western (Canada)

Jesse Shank- The University of Notre Dame

Katie Benavente - High Point University (North Carolina)

Katie Loftus- Williams College

Kelli Gibson- Arizona Sate University

Landon Shank- The University of Notre Dame

Luc Angel - Caltech University

Maddie Bragg- Wake Forest University

Adam Bragg- Princeton University 

Amy Loschiavo - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Caitlin Nilssen- Cal State Northridge

Cameron Van Dieren- Cal State Northridge

Colton Grandbouche- Colorado State University

Connor McNicholas - University of North Carolina

Dusty Brown- Cal State Northridge

Emily Coombs- Washington State University

​Mikaela Morris - Point Loma University

Nick Masterson- Northern Arizona University

Nicole Larson- University of California, Berkeley 

Paul Bowker- Concordia University- Irvine

Rachel Baxter-Virginia Tech University

Ryan Riviere- Fordham University

Sierra Hansen- BYU

Sydney Cueva- Saddleback College

Trent Perez- UCLA

Trevor Rothaus- TUFTS (New Jersey)


Navigating the world of collegiate athletics can be a complicated and intimidating process. I joined the VAPV program the summer before my Freshman year in HS having never pole vaulted.  The knowledgeable coaches at VA have helped me with everything along the way in the journey to attending my dreams school. Their continued support has made all the difference in becoming the student-athlete I am today. 

​​                                              -Adam Bragg

I started training with Victory Athletics the summer before my senior year of high school. After only a few short months with the club, Coach BJ was able to help me improve my vault from 11’ to 12’6 and help connect me with college coaches from various schools I wanted to attend (Cal, UCLA, and Stanford to name a few). I can safely say that without Victory Athletics, I never would have been able to vault for my dream school and have the experiences I did. Thanks VA and Go Bears!                                                                   -Nicole Larson

With Coach BJ's experience coaching at the NCAA Division 1 and NAIA level, he has an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be recruited. Along with experience, Coach BJ has personal connections with the nations top coaches. All of which he can contact on behalf of the student-athlete he works with.

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